Strategic investments

Creating sustainable value

RCI Bank and Services is committed to creating value for Renault Group, as well as for society. Thanks to solid results that confirm the resilience of its business model, the group continues to innovate and invest in growth segments of the automotive market. The objective? To create sustainable mobility for all.

Jean-Marc Saugier

VP Finance and Group Treasury

A solid business model in a complex environment

services sold per financed vehicle
million euros in pre-tax income
14,5 %
ROE (Return On Equity)

Against the ongoing disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the semiconductor crisis, RCI Bank and Services once again made a major contribution to Renault Group results, thanks to a solid commercial performance and high profitability. Investing in two growing markets- used vehicles and electric vehicles – RCI Bank and Services is also preparing for the future to create value for manufacturers, its customers and society more global.

Despite the economic crisis and pandemic, coupled with the shortage of semiconductors, RCI Bank and Services managed to maintain solid results. The intervention rate, one of its historical indicators, increased to 46% of registrations compared to 44.2% in 2019, before the crisis. The used vehicle financing business also increased by 4.1% compared to the previous year. Likewise, the number of electric and hybrid vehicle financing contracts continued to grow (up 44% in one year). Average loan amounts increased by 7.2% in 2021, a result in line with Renault Group’s strategy. “From volume to value.” Note: the 2% increase in the number of services sold in 2021, i.e. 4.7 million insurance and service contracts. With more than 3 services sold for each vehicle financed, RCI Bank and Services also fulfilled its role as a business partner for dealers, a guarantee of sustainability.

This level of sales performance translated into a robust financial performance, primarily through a controlled cost of risk. The significant improvement of this figure, from 0.75% at the end of 2020 to 0.14% in 2021, was the main reason for the sharp increase in our pre-tax income (€1,194 million compared to €1,003 million at the end of 2020).

All this demonstrates the strength of the RCI Bank and Services business model, which translated into an ROE (Return On Equity) of 14.5%.

In addition to its contribution to the Renault Group’s figures, RCI Bank and Services has also created sustainable value for its customers and society as a whole through offers that address new usages as well as environmental concerns.

Encourage a sustainable mobility with green savings

Dacia Spring, making electric vehicles as accessible as possible

With its involvement in the innovative launch of Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric vehicle on the European market, our group has reconfirmed its pioneering position with one goal in mind: increasing the share of electric vehicles by making them more accessible.

In keeping with our purpose, we are focused on creating the future of mobility for all. This future involves electric vehicles like Dacia Spring, which are more environmentally friendly. With its compact dimensions and SUV-like shape, Dacia Spring was designed for urban mobility. It is lightweight and has a good range (230 km in combined mode), giving it a lower carbon footprint, reinforced by a record consumption level. To accompany the launch of this vehicle with a promising future, our group joined forces with the car manufacturer to create an attractive financing offer.

Through two unprecedented solutions, one pre-launch and the other secure pre-reservation, from the spring of 2021 customers could reserve Dacia Spring in advance on the brand’s website for priority delivery in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Romania.
This simple, seamless purchase journey was backed by dedicated financing and service offers. Sandrine Dauny, Dacia Financial Services Marketing Manager, points out that the group has adapted “to ensure that Dacia Spring is systematically positioned as the least expensive electric vehicle on the market, battery included. Overall, this offer promotes access to electric vehicles for all and enables us to attract new customers.”

Combined with additional services – such as car insurance in Spain or maintenance and assistance contracts in Romania – these offers proved very popular. In barely a week, nearly 6,000 orders were received in the five countries. The seal of approval came from Autobest, which named Dacia Spring the Best Buy Car of Europe for 2022, the first time in history the award had gone to an electric vehicle.

Our financing and service offerings have made electric vehicles more accessible for a new customer category while creating environmental value for society.