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Developing innovative mobility services

Customer mobility is changing and RCI Bank and Services is contributing to the change. Flexibility and economy of use: we apply our expertise in car financing and services to contribute to the new forms of mobility sought by customers, and also to support the development of Mobilize.

Enrico Rossini

Head of Fleet and New Mobilities

Offers to facilitate and promote our customers’ mobility

47 %
share of leasing offers in our financing contracts
20 %
share of what car suscription could represent in the market by 2025

Flexibility is a key consideration for customers when choosing mobility solutions. To adapt to these growing expectations, we are upgrading our financing offers and our services, in supporting the carmaker brands and in particular, Mobilize.

Our customers express a variety of expectations in terms of flexibility: choosing the duration of use of the vehicle, with or without commitment, or even being able to change the vehicle model to meet their needs. These requests confirm an upward trend, where vehicle use takes precedence over ownership.

This is why, through our Together 4 Customers plan, we are developing tailor-made leasing offers for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance brands, halfway between long-term leases and short-term rentals. With Renault On Demand in Brazil, and Renault Pass and Dacia Flex, two new rental offers in France, we offer many solutions to a constantly increasing demand for flexibility.

Mobilize, the Renault Group brand created in January 2021 for new mobility services, is guided by the same spirit of agility. With an integrated offer of concrete mobility solutions as well as services related to energy and data processing, Mobilize aims to promote the environmental transition and make accessible the mobility of goods and people. To this end, it can count on the support of RCI Bank and Services, specifically to design financing offers and also for customer acquisition and the provision of services (warranty extension, maintenance, insurance, etc.).

Some customers also prefer a commitment that lasts a few months, even if it means renewing it, with no need to travel. Car subscription offers are becoming increasingly popular and guarantee the user maximum freedom of choice, with a turnkey digital journey. With the conviction that this is the way forward, we acquired Bipi, a leading multi-brand platform in the car subscription market. Our aim is to help Bipi accelerate its development in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, then to conquer new markets. And we can draw on its strengths to design subscription plans in cooperation with the Alliance brands, their dealers, and in particular with Mobilize.

Flexible offers on the rise

Bipi: car subscription to meet new mobility needs

Close synergies with Mobilize to support new mobilities

In January 2021, a new brand was born within Renault Group: Mobilize. While mobility and the energy transition are at the heart of our society’s concerns, Mobilize’s mission is to contribute to solving the major challenges of the automotive industry, with the support of RCI Bank and Services.

Through its activities, Mobilize aims to provide concrete solutions to encourage the ecological transition and make the mobility of people and goods more accessible. Its challenges? Reduce the gap between usage of the vehicle and its cost, optimize the value of automotive goods over their lifetime (circular economy) and design sustainable solutions based on electric vehicles to reduce the automotive industry’s environmental footprint. 

Ever since it was founded, Mobilize has been building an integrated offer of flexible services around mobility, energy, and data. The brand offers services to individuals, companies, mobility operators and territories: car-sharing, optimization of electric vehicle recharging costs, access to recharging networks, certification of batteries for the sale of used vehicles, fleet management, energy storage solutions, and also a new generation of electric vehicles for low-carbon mobility.

To support Mobilize in its development, RCI Bank and Services holds a strategic place based on use of the vehicle over and beyond financing it alone. Our group operates from customer acquisition to the implementation of a range of services.

RCI Bank and Services provides its know-how through innovative offers, for example to finance Renault or Dacia vehicles for car-sharing companies or to support the launch in 2022 of LIMO – the first vehicle of the Mobilize brand designed for taxi and ride-hailing drivers – with innovative flexible subscription offers. 

Our expertise also enables Mobilize to offer a complete ecosystem of services that facilitate the adoption of electric mobility modes: financing of electric vehicles and charging stations, payment services in charging networks with Mobilize Charge Pass.