Collective commitment

Experiencing our values on a daily basis

Collective, diversity, optimism and simplicity: these are the values that are shared daily at RCI Bank and Services and are a key ingredient in achieving our ambitions.

How? They support employees in their way of working, their training, their development and their reflection on strategic projects.

4 employees sharing about our values

Values to guide our actions

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fundamental values

Thanks to collective intelligence of its teams around the world, RCI Bank and Services created four values to guide the actions of employees on a daily basis as well as throughout their career: recruitment, development, training, recognition.

Our values are the result of work carried out with the participation of employees from all functions and all countries. They are the codes that we share and that guide all our actions. We have defined 4 fundamental values for the group, all of which are supported by the word “we”, because we believe in the strength of our collective.

  • We do the right thing, because for us, the collective takes precedence over the individual and because we treat others as we would like to be treated. We are responsible for our actions.
  • We embrace the difference, because we speak the truth and challenge the opinion, not the person. We create team spirit.
  • We act with optimism, because we always look at every  glass half-full to increase our chances of success and we focus on what we can control. We value efforts, as much as results.
  • We think big, start small, and scale fast, because we value simplicity and we learn from our failures and grow with our successes. We always look for a better way.

We firmly believe in the value of diversity, that we must combine optimism and realism, accept the importance of simplicity and work to strengthen team spirit.

These values are already implemented in our daily lives, particularly through the diversity and inclusion initiative in Italy, which aims to promote women’s access to key positions. Building the Sustainability Tribe also follows this logic: bringing together employees from all countries and from different functions, has enabled us to formalize our strategy. Our new professional development platform is another example of this, as we offer employees the opportunity to develop their skills at their own pace and on the topics of their choice.

Promoting women's access to key positions


The Empowerment Academy, initiated by the group’s Italian subsidiary, saw 17 women following a training program aimed at improving diversity and inclusion within management.

Aligned with one of the priorities of our Together 4 Customers strategic plan, the group is committed to diversity and inclusion. For Giuseppe Mantegna, Human Resources Director in Italy, diversity is indeed an asset “in which we must invest to be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow, especially when we know that the majority of them are still unknown. Inclusion is the fuel that powers companies: it brings together teams around shared objectives so they can move forward together in the same direction. This community spirit is one of the things that drives our success on a daily basis.”

It was this intention for diversity and inclusion that recently encouraged our Italian subsidiary to introduce the Empowerment Academy program, with the backing of its CEO, Pascal Pozzoli.

This program aims to help women gain the necessary technical, behavioral and interpersonal skills to access managerial positions.
For Daniela Colangeli, HR Business Partner at the initiative of the program, it was important “to raise awareness of the issues of diversity, discrimination and prejudice among the subsidiary’s 220 employees in Italy.”

The program began with an awareness-raising workshop for all subsidiary employees. Next, the first promotion of 17 participants began their Empowerment Academy journey with a skills assessment. As one of the participants, Maria Luisa Ceccarelli, tells us: “I carried out a structured self-assessment of my strengths, how my coworkers saw me and my areas for improvement.” This initial step was followed by training in four key areas: personal leadership, public speaking, sales relationship management and strategic thinking.

At the time of assessment, Cristiana Robusto, Human Resources and Training Manager, is convinced that: “The participants improved their self-confidence, determination, autonomy and influence capacity. And, most importantly, they are ready to use these new skills to promote the growth and transformation of RCI Bank and Services.”
Maria Luisa Ceccarelli adds: “I have a stronger sense of belonging to a team. I have improved my strategic thinking, which helps me meet challenges by setting short and long-term goals.

This year, the Empowerment Academy welcomes its second promotion before considering a possible roll-out to other countries. To be continued…

For a personalized skills development

Launched in October 2021, the group’s employee skills development platform Learning@RCI has already met with great success, with a large number of connections. It offers a wide range of training courses that everyone is free to access and work through at their own pace.

Learning@RCI aims to bring together on a single platform articles, videos, courses and events that have been developed or selected specifically for the group’s employees.

The portal serves as both a training platform and a development tool, bringing together business line training courses, management training and modules covering the group’s behaviors and values. It also introduces employees to the latest working methods and new operating processes to keep up with changes in the group.

Enormous flexibility is one of the main benefits of the system, Aurélia Heuzard-La-Couture, Human Resources Manager, tells us: “In line with our strategic plan, we designed a platform that allows everyone to learn what they want, where they want and when they want, taking charge of their own development. As a result, each employee builds an individual career path to meet their needs.”

This empowerment is a core concept of the company’s changing operating methods. “We want Learning@RCI to develop openness and autonomy and to simplify skills development” Aurélia Heuzard-La-Couture stresses. “The platform has been designed in line with our employer brand statement: learn, share, grow, and succeed.”

Built in cooperation with the functions, the portal will regularly evolve to keep up with new developments and business needs to offer new courses such as, for example, “data considerations.”

In 2022, Learning@RCI will offer a wider variety of development tools and systems with hybrid formats, and an increasing number of webinars, events, meetings, etc.