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Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of our actions, RCI Bank and Services offers increasingly personalized offers and experiences. We meet the expectations of customers looking for simplicity and flexibility in their research.


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Tailor-made offers adapted to customer expectations

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At RCI Bank and Services, making customer satisfaction central to all our actions is a priority. We actively listen to customer’s requests and needs, so our offers are increasingly online and personalized with a link between the online and dealership journey.

With usage trends changing, seeing customers place more emphasis on usage than ownership, we are growing the number of offers that are unique in their flexibility and the range of associated services. In 2021, we increased the focus on these criteria so we could continue to offer a rapid response to customer expectations while not compromising on performance or our support for the Alliance brands.

Specifically, we have strengthened our phygital approach with two new offers for retail customers, to complete the dealership process.

The first is offered by our French subsidiary DIAC. Renault Shop and Dacia Shop are 100% online financing solutions for new vehicles on the Renault and Dacia websites. This ensures customers a personalized, seamless and omnichannel journey. We have not forgotten our used-vehicle customers because 100% online financing is also available on the SOFA website, developed by Renault Retail Group in partnership with DIAC.

The second, Renault Easy Lease, was launched in Italy in May 2021 in conjunction with Renault. This is a long-term rental offer that can be completed entirely online, from configuration of the vehicle to the signing of the contract. A first for a manufacturer in Italy.

For corporate customers, RCI Bank and Services offers flexible and diversified mobility solutions for constraint-free fleet management. Finally, we offer financing solutions for inventories and short-term cash flow requirements to support the Alliance brand network. We also offer them a dealer promise based on the four criteria of responsiveness, digitization, support and satisfaction.

The dealer promise: our commitment to the automotive brand network

Personalized journeys

Discover the dealer of tomorrow

With both the electrification of the car fleet and the digitization of customer journeys, the dealer network is preparing for an evolution in the coming years. By 2030, its role will undoubtedly be different but its added value will still be a must.

One of the future changes for the dealers is the electrification of the fleet. Jérôme Daumont, Head of the Altaïr automotive distribution group and Chairman of the Renault and Dacia dealer group told us that this change will have an impact on the dealer network: “Our business model is based on four pillars: new vehicles, used vehicles, after-sales service and spare parts. The electrification of the fleet will impact sales and after-sales. As electric vehicles are more technical, we (the dealers) are the best people to advise customers and take care of the maintenance of these models.” Hence the benefit, according to him, of LPO* and LTR** offers and maintenance and warranty extension contracts, offered in partnership with RCI Bank and Services.

Similarly, the growing importance of digital technology represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the dealer network. While digital technology is becoming the main showcase for most stores, it is expanding the potential customer base. “It offers customers transparency on price, thanks to comparisons, and on service quality with rating systems,” insist Jérôme Daumont. Face-to-face contact with real human beings has its place alongside connected apps and services. Indeed, the purchase of a motor vehicle is more of a reasoned decision rather than an impulse buy, so customers like to finalize the transaction with a sales person. For Jérôme Daumont, this is as much for reassurance as it is a need “to make contact with someone with specific expertise and skills”. This is why the physical meeting will still have its place in 2030.

By this time, new services should emerge such as remote diagnosis and resolution of breakdowns, predictive maintenance of vehicles and the sale of energy-related products and services, “like the services being developed with Mobilize,” Jérôme Daumont states. He also foresees easier interactions with RCI Bank and Services, for increasing fluidity and “better integration of the second and third life of vehicles, via financing and maintenance programs for used vehicles. I also imagine a diversification in the services provided by RCI Bank and Services like Heycar.” In conclusion, when asked to define the dealer of the future in three key words, Jérôme Daumont says: “Quality, proximity, digital.” Tomorrow, as today, he will undoubtedly have an essential role to play.

* lease with purchase option
** Long Term Rental